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    Single-crystal copper bare wire because of its unique high-fidelity transmission function, so the international market, first of all for the audio and visual products, the product is concentrated in the speaker wire, power cable, audio cable, a balanced line, digital coaxial, microphone cable, DVD Component video cable, DVI and HDMI cables and various connectors.

    In recent years, at home and abroad began to bare wire cable for communications networks, with the computer communication network technology, network transmission speed of transmission lines have become increasingly demanding, high-speed transmission that is the line frequency range of high, high-frequency range, then the signal attenuation more serious. Earlier Category 5 cable is available to 100MHz, while the ultra-Category 5 cable is only 120MHz, single-crystal copper produced by the network cable, using frequencies up to 350MHz or above, more than the standard number of Category 6 cable (Cat 6 cable to 250MHz). 

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