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Enamelled copper (aluminum) flat wire

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  Product introduction

   Enameled flat wire is made of oxygen free copper rod or electrical round aluminum rod through a certain size of the die horn or extruded wire. Winding wire made of multiple times of insulating paint. Mainly used in transformers, motors, generators and various electrical equipment winding.

   Product type:

   130 grade polyester enameled aluminum (copper flat wire); 155 grade modified polyester enamelled aluminum (copper flat wire); 180 grade polyester enamelled aluminum (copper flat wire); 200 grade polyester imide, polyamide imide enamelled aluminum composite (copper flat wire); 120 (155) grade acetal enamelled aluminum (copper) flat if the selection of the line; he a variety of enameled wire. Please contact us.

   Production scope

  Conductor thickness a:0.80-5.6mm conductor width size b:2.00-16.00mm
  Recommended conductor width ratio: 1.4
  Please contact us if the specification is beyond the scope.

  Conductor material

    Enamelled flat wire with a soft copper flat wire comply with the provisions of GB5584.2-2009, 20 degrees Celsius, the resistance is less than 0.01724 ohm mm2/m, according to the requirements of different mechanical properties, semi hard copper conductors Standard Specification for non proportional extension strength Rp0.2 is recommended as follows:
C1Rp0.2 (>100~180) N/mm2C2Rp0.2 (greater than 180~220) N/mm2C3Rp0.2 (greater than 220~260) N/mm2
    Enameled flat wire with soft aluminum flat wire in accordance with the provisions of GB5584.3-2009. 20 degrees Celsius when the resistivity is not greater than 0.02801 ohm mm2/m according to the different requirements of electrical insulation, thin film can be used 0.06-0.11mm or thick film 0.12-0.17mm, hot
    Adhesive coated flat wire self-adhesive layer thickness is generally 0.03-0.06mm, our company uses the loss meter.
    Special requirements for film thickness, please contact us.

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