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Copper rebounded purchasing and storage of and demand for

2017/3/25      view:
    As a whole in March, LME copper rose by 16.5%, approaching in November last year, finishing a platform around 4200 U.S. dollars pressures. Shanghai copper rebounded nearly 20%, the pressure near 36000. From the current market structure, the spot still maintain a high premium, the current high copper prices have support, but it's quite difficult for the country to determine purchasing and storage behavior can be considered, in the influx of imports of copper before the spot market, copper Quotes of the high price volatility will continue. In March this year, copper has remained at a rebound of the stock market shocks. Although the global macro-economic figures are still not optimistic, but the consumption good season, as well as policy dominated the rebound in copper prices. Especially in China's State Reserve's purchasing and storage of acts, LME copper stocks with the reduction, as well as the surge in the number of canceled warrants, making copper with the upward momentum. China copper imports due to a substantial reduction, converted into demand for imports of refined copper. The increase in the amount of imports of refined copper did not seem to flow downstream consumer market, the domestic spot premium has been maintained. Can be said that since March of this year, the domestic copper market has entered a booming demand and supply situation. 
    Began in December last year, China's monthly imports of refined copper began to significant increase in the number of the month to reach the level of 21 million tons this year, in January, although the quantity of imports of refined copper fell back, but up to 18 million tons. According to the latest Customs figures, in February 2009 the number of China's refined copper imports reached 27 million tons of levels. It can be said that China's trade buying LME copper stocks are the main factors to be significantly reduced, because from the end of last year, import trade, there has been considerable profits, while LME copper warehouse stocks are also out of warehouses based in Asia.