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Enameled wire needs to test the content of what

2017/3/27      view:
General enameled wire need to check a few points:
1 tightness: rapid stretch, the film has no crack.
2 pinhole: a film that cannot be distinguished visually by a certain length of test material.
3 wear resistance: wear test machine wear film, to wear to see the number of conductors or wear failure value.
4 flexible (stretch): winding or elongation, the film is cracked or whether the pinhole.
5 thermal shock resistance: when stretched or winding, under the conditions of heating, depending on whether the film cracking.
6 straight welding: according to the specified conditions of temperature, solder, depending on whether the solder evenly attached.
7 insulation breakdown voltage: the two strands of wire twisted into one, plus the voltage between the conductors, to the destruction of the film voltage.
8 aging resistance: in the specified conditions of heating, the film is to produce pinhole or insulation breakdown voltage value.
9 resistance to softening: the cross enameled wire under the specified conditions of heating, after the power to short-circuit or short-circuit temperature. Two strands of enameled wire or under the conditions of heating, depending on whether the film is abnormal.
10: the conductor conductor resistance resistance test instrument, then replaced the value of 20 C when the 316LVM said.
11 solvent resistance or resistance to the character: when immersed in solvents or drugs, the state of the film to nail or pencil method.
12 oil resistance: in accordance with the provisions of the conditions of immersion in insulating oil, the film will be the state of the nail or pencil method.