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Introduction of electromagnetic wire

2017/3/27      view:
    antong Budweiser Electric Co., Ltd. production of wire (magnet) is used in the manufacture of electrical products coil or winding insulation wire. Winding wire. Electromagnetic wires must meet the requirements of various applications and manufacturing processes. The former includes the shape, size, to short-term and long-term work at high temperatures, and strong vibration and high speed under some situations under the centrifugal force, under high voltage tolerance and corona breakdown, special atmosphere corrosion; the latter includes winding and inlay when subjected to tensile, bending and wear requirements and impregnation and drying process of the swelling and erosion etc..
    The electromagnetic wires can be classified according to their basic composition, conductive wire core and electrical insulating layer. Usually according to the insulation materials used in electrical insulation and manufacturing methods are divided into enameled wire, wrapped wire, enameled wire wrapped around and inorganic insulation wire.