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The market prospect of high performance special enameled wire and cable in China

2017/3/27      view:

The construction of urban rail transit in our country started late because of the limitation of economic strength and technical level. Prior to 2000, only three cities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou had rail transit lines. Since twenty-first Century, with the rapid development of China's economy and the acceleration of urbanization, urban rail transit has entered a period of great development. At present, there are more than and 40 cities in China to develop a large-scale rail transit development plan. At present, China has 10 cities opened the 31 urban rail transit lines, operating mileage of 835km. It is expected that by 2016, China will build a total of 89 2500km city rail traffic, city rail transit industry in China has entered a new stage of development by leaps and bounds, China has become the world's largest city rail transportation market. It is predicted that in 12th Five-Year rail transport vehicles and trailers with rail transport cable about 2.5 ~ 30 thousand km, urban rail transit signal cable with an annual capacity of about 1.5 ~ 20 thousand km.
    Rail traffic special cable market is mainly occupied by three cable companies, respectively, and the news is Hao Nexans Chaohu Haixing cable factory. The news Hao and Nekson were high-end special cable leading manufacturer, and has built a production base in Chinese, in the rapid development of high-speed rail in the field, the two foreign companies occupy more than 90% market share in the field of rail transportation, city also occupy 60% of the left and right of the market. Chaohu Haixing cable is the largest domestic rail transit cable production enterprises, is the Ministry of Railways sentinel professional wire manufacturing enterprises, occupy about 35% market share in the city rail transportation, also occupies about 10% market share in the field of high iron.
    The field of rail transportation as well as the field of civil aviation, high performance special cable supply also have to rely on imports, but fortunately in this area has emerged as the Chaohu sea to the enterprise part of the import substitution, with line cable rail traffic continues to expand and study the development of the enterprise further, there will be more and more similar enterprises occupy a space for one person in this talent shows itself, the high-end market.